Photo Credit: Edward Moore

Hello! I’m a multi-award-winning comedy writer of sitcoms, sketches and entertainment and was recently selected as a One To Watch by the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

I’ve written for BBC Three, Comedy Central and Channel 4 and have had sitcoms optioned by Fudge Park Productions and Big Deal Films.

Whilst I now focus on writing, my first foray into comedy was when I started doing stand up at the age of 14. Soon, I was writing a weekly column called Teen Spirit in Brighton based magazine, The Latest 7. One thing led to another and during my gap year I found myself running the social medial channels for BBC Comedy, gaining both their Facebook and Twitter profiles tens of thousands of new followers.

From there, I went to university to study Theology and Religion. Somewhere between learning Ancient Greek and reading about Buddhism, I decided to pursue script writing. During the summer of 2014 I studied sitcom writing at Tisch at NYU, where I primarily worked on Spec Scripts for US Television. Since graduating in 2015, I’ve written numerous sketches and scripts and written on a wide variety of television shows.

I am based in London.