Sitcom Mission Longlist

It was fantastic to receive news a few weeks ago that my latest script, Hard Principles, has made it onto Sitcom Mission’s longlist. This year they received 207 entries and have created a longlist of 8. I’ve spent the last few weeks rising to the challenge of my “missions”, responding to feedback from the knowledgeable judges Simon and Declan and working on my sitcom. So far it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been really enjoying the process.

It’s also quite exciting to be in the running as I’ve had the honour of getting to know the talented Sitcom Mission 2015 winner James Huntrods over the last year. We met through Grand Scheme Media’s Comedy Team Writing Initiative and have been working on a separate script together, as well. He won with script “Blue Sky Thinking” which is a genuinely brilliant piece of writing.