Finalist in Apu Screenwriting Contest

I am so excited to announce that I’m a finalist in the Apu Screenwriting Contest: Crowdsourcing a Cure for the Simpsons. Producer Adi Shankar and Coverfly joined forces to create a competition to find scripts that would help “fix” the Simpsons. Just because Apu is a beloved character, it does not stop that he is also a racist caricature. The idea for the competition was to invite scripts that would pivot Apu’s character, or even write him out altogether. Adi Shankar will then take the winning script to the makers of the Simpsons and suggest they make it. If they don’t, the script will be made by Adi himself.

It was so much fun to write a Simpsons spec script – I, like almost everyone on the planet, love the Simpsons and grew up watching it. As a person of Indian (well, Guyanese) descent I feel really proud to have been chosen as a finalist.