Finalist in Apu Screenwriting Contest

I am so excited to announce that I’m a finalist in the Apu Screenwriting Contest: Crowdsourcing a Cure for the Simpsons. Producer Adi Shankar and Coverfly joined forces to create a competition to find scripts that would help “fix” the Simpsons. Just because Apu is a beloved character, it does not stop that he is also a racist caricature. The idea for the competition was to invite scripts that would pivot Apu’s character, or even write him out altogether. Adi Shankar will then take the winning script to the makers of the Simpsons and suggest they make it. If they don’t, the script will be made by Adi himself.

It was so much fun to write a Simpsons spec script – I, like almost everyone on the planet, love the Simpsons and grew up watching it. As a person of Indian (well, Guyanese) descent I feel really proud to have been chosen as a finalist.

Bafta Rocliffe Children’s Media Shortlist

I was delighted to receive the news that my script – Code and Cypher School – was selected for the shortlist for Bafta Rocliffe’s Children’s Media award. My script followed a group of talented teenagers who were tasked with using digital espionage to protect the nation. I really enjoyed writing a the kind of show that I would have loved as a child, so it was an honour to be shortlisted. Thank you Bafta Rocliffe!

BBC Three Sketch ‘Where are you from: THE GAME’

I am delighted that my new sketch ‘Where are you from: the game’ has just been released by BBC Three across their social media. I wrote the sketch with the incredible Hannah George who also directed it. It stars Natasha Vasandani and Toby Williams. It’s a real honour to get to make a sketch to celebrate the BBC’s Big British Asian Summer. Hope you enjoy!

Sitcom Mission Industry Showcase

I had a fantastic time on Thursday at the Sitcom Mission Industry Showcase. Some incredible producers and commissioners were in attendance and I received excellent feedback on Hard Principles. My script was acted out by a phenomenal cast, all of whom I really hope to work with again. The winners on the night were Ben Hogan and Colin Elves – huge congrats to those two on a hilarious script. The whole process has been a remarkable learning experience and I’m so grateful and so lucky to have been a part of the Sitcom Mission 2017.

Sitcom Mission Finalist

I am delighted to announce that I am a finalist in the Sitcom Mission. The longlist was annouced a few months ago and since then I’ve been rewriting my script, Hard Principles, and working on all sorts of tasks set by Simon and Duncan from Sitcom Mission. It’s been great fun and a fantastic learning experience to receive such regular feedback on my work.

The longlist show took place on Saturday at the Comedy Room in Camden. It was an honour that my wonderful friend and talented actor, Klariza Clayton (as seen on Skins, House of Anubis and Lovesick), was able to read for the character of Jen. The other parts were played by a hilarious team of actors who totally brought my script alive. It was a really exciting experience and I’m so grateful to Simon and Duncan for organising it.

The Sitcom Mission industry showcase final will take place on 19th October in London. I’m sure there’s plenty more rewriting to be done before then. I can’t wait!

Sitcom Mission Longlist

It was fantastic to receive news a few weeks ago that my latest script, Hard Principles, has made it onto Sitcom Mission’s longlist. This year they received 207 entries and have created a longlist of 8. I’ve spent the last few weeks rising to the challenge of my “missions”, responding to feedback from the knowledgeable judges Simon and Declan and working on my sitcom. So far it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been really enjoying the process.

It’s also quite exciting to be in the running as I’ve had the honour of getting to know the talented Sitcom Mission 2015 winner James Huntrods over the last year. We met through Grand Scheme Media’s Comedy Team Writing Initiative and have been working on a separate script together, as well. He won with script “Blue Sky Thinking” which is a genuinely brilliant piece of writing. 

IYAF Nomination Brighton Fringe

It was a true honour to attend the Brighton Fringe Awards last night as a nominee for IYAF’s Theatre Award for my play, Father God. Kingston’s International Youth Arts Festival showcases the best talent nationally and internationally, providing a platform for emerging artists under 27 years old. I would like to thank IYAF for choosing us as one of their 5 nominees. It was a fantastic ceremony at the Warren and a brilliant way to celebrate after a great run of Father God at the Brighton Fringe.